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Website Builder and Organic SEO

Website Builder and Organic SEO

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FREE Website Rank Audit

Simply contact us and we will provide you with an instant search engine rank position for up to 10 keywords or key phrases. We will let you know where you are being found in the search results while your on the phone with us. We will also email you the results.


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X-Graphix Website Builder and Organic SEO is a website builder or developer located in Dayton, Ohio specializing in WordPress websites and website rank building. We offer personal websites, business websites, online web stores, shopping cart systems, payment systems as well as blogs and web design in Dayton, Springfield, Springboro, Oakwood, Centerville, Beavercreek, Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio as well as St. Louis and Tempe Arizona and any other city across the United States.

Being a website builder, we also offer WordPress websites, organic SEO services for website rank building. Because we are a website builder, we are able to build your website from scratch or in many cases, re-design your out-of-date website that contains old coding. Having your website up to date and web compliant, is important for gaining the search engine rank results you need, to either compete in business with a business website or to have your personal website found for all to see. X Graphix Website Builder and Organic SEO specializes in WordPress websites and getting your website ranked in the search results. Being in the top 10 search results, is crucial for having any kind of exposure to your website, web store or blog.

As a website builder located in Dayton, Ohio … we have been building websites and online web businesses for over 20 years in all states and cities in the United States, with clients from Cincinnati, Springboro, Beavercreek, Oakwood, Kettering, Centerville, Columbus, Ohio and Tempe Arizona, St. Louis Missouri to Chicago Illinois. We not only build your custom website, WordPress website or e-commerce online store … but we also assist you in finding suppliers or vendors for your online business. We assist you in setting up your credit card processing. And we build the website around your needs, not ours. We don’t nickel and dime you, for the things you need done to your site. We understand that you may not get the look and feel of the website perfect the first time … so we stick with you through the build process and even afterward.

There are a million of so called website builders out there that can build your website or online web business for you. So the question is … why choose us to be your website builder? Simple … because we too run web businesses and understand that things need to be built well, ranked well and we also understand that time is money. It is how we support our families. So what can we do different than the other website builders? We can not only build your website or web store … but we specialize in search engine optimization or Organic SEO. We can sit here and tell you just how great we are as website builders … but we would rather show you. Ask us any time to show you some of the websites our website builders have built and to also show you the ranking for the keywords they are being found for, using our organic SEO.


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 Professional Website Builder

Personal Websites Business Websites E-Commerce Websites
Personal Website Business Website E-Commerce Website


Organic Search Engine Optimization Graphic Design Website Overhauls
  • All White Hat Organic SEO
  • No Pay-Per-Click SEO
  • Real Results – Lasting Results
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Monthly Rank Audit Reports
  • Guaranteed Rank Building
  • Half Price for Website Clients
  • Custom Business Logo Design
  • WordPress Websites
  • Banner Design
  • Slider Design
  • Image Optimization
  • Copyright Protection
  • Custom Website Design
  • Upgrading to Latest Coding
  • Image Restoration
  • Website Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • New Systems Installation
  • Content Transfers
  • New System Use Instructions



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Small Business Website Builder

X-Graphix Website Builder, offers website’s for your small business, at an affordable price. If your small business isn’t online, then your missing out! Statistically speaking, if your business is not online, then your missing out, on about 12 times the income, that your making now without a website. X-Graphix website builders build virtually every type of business websites. Whether your a restaurant, needing your menu published online, to auto parts stores with their entire parts catalog available to your customers, shopping for auto parts … our website builders are able to build you the business website your needing to have an awesome web presence as well as a tremendously larger income.


Small or Large Business?

  • When it comes to having a website builder build your business website, it does not matter the size, as we are able to provide any size business with any type of website, to fit the needs of your business. With any of our business website, we allow all of your employees to have their own email address. These emails are registered through your business, such as ( This keeps things professional for your business.


Services Website or E-Commerce Website with Online Store?

  • Does your business website need to be built only to advertise your services … or, does your business need to advertise services, plus have a shopping cart system attached to it to allow for an online store; selling product? Either way, we have you covered. X-Graphix Website Builder has built several of either type of website. Having a business services website built by us, can be built in just a couple weeks. Our business websites will be as professional as your business and will meet every need your business requires including, a custom built logo, custom ads for advertising specific services, unlimited email accounts, and the initial SEO, which is what puts your new website into several search engines and directories.


  • If your need for a website includes an online store with a shopping cart system, then our website builder are able to provide you with a professional system, that will not only allow you to add, edit and delete product, but it will also allow you to advertise your services. Many don’t realize just how easy it is to start an online store. Even if you don’t have a brick and mortar business, you can still have an online store built, which provides you the ability to work direct from home. When taking this route, you do not have to spend money stocking product, or setting up shipping. Your entire home based business can be drop shipping product in which your supplier will take care of shipping your product, to your customers. Contact us for more information.

Having a professional business website built by our website builder, is only half the battle. Getting potential customers or clients to your new business website is the other half. X-Graphix website builder includes your initial organic SEO, with all new website purchases. Our organic SEO or organic search engine optimization is what is going to get you listed in all the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask … as well as many more! Once we have the visitors coming to your new business website, the rest is up to you by offering a great service or product. Don’t waste your money on phone book ads … most people are searching for you, online! Our website builder is able to put your business website out there for all to see.


Are you a New Business?

If you just started a new business, it is imperative that you have a new business website built to drive business to your door! Many web development firms want to charge you thousands of dollars to get your website up and running. Why spend thousands? X-Graphix Website Builder can build you a professional website for your business and even attach a shopping cart system, so that you may sell your product online. We can even drive traffic to your new business website, with our organic search engine optimization and website marketing. We can get you in all the major search engines and provide website maintenance so that you can concentrate on business matters.


Start your own Online Business

Interested in starting your own online business? Don’t have a product to sell, or stock? … NO PROBLEM !! You don’t have to. Running an online business, is as simple as drop shipping product from a supplier, to your clients and customers. Our website builder has assisted hundreds of business owners, families and individuals start their own online business, with very little money to get started.

So how much does it cost? X Graphix website builder makes it simple and very cost efficient. WordPress Website BuilderWe will build your online store, assist you with finding suppliers, assist with credit card processing setup, shipping setup on your web store and even provide instruction on how to operate your online store. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars, stocking a business, when all you have to do is have your online store built, and not stock a single item, if you choose not to. We offer a few plans to help you get started quickly. Visit our Web Store page for details on how to start your Online Business … Today!

Ask us how fast we can have a website up for you using “WordPress”, With our automatic install process we can have WordPress on your server or ours in just a few minutes. WordPress offers some advantages a static website just can’t compete with, such as …

  • It’s easy and fast to install.
  • It’s relatively easy to maintain, WordPress includes an excellent CMS (Content Management System), making it easy to upload your content and images. The selling feature is that is supposed to be easy to learn, but as with anything new there is a learning curve and not all the settings are intuitive.
  • It’s Relatively easy to customizable with a growing number of widgets and templates, most that are free.
  • It’s more flexible than a traditional website, such as adding a blog or RSS feeds.
  • It’s search-engine friendly.

With those features its easy to see why WordPress websites are growing in popularity, We offer a complete website solution for just $850, that includes domain name, and discounted hosting for 1 year.


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Website Search Engine Optimization Services

Our website SEO services are available to anyone with a website. When We build your website, we are able to optimize your site from the ground up, but even if we don’t, we are still able to provide a higher rank result for your current website. We offer website SEO services in Dayton or any other city across the country. Contact us today for a free search engine rank evaluation. We will conduct a rank audit while your on the phone with us and send you the report via email.


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  • Content Manager System
  • User registration system
  • Media Manager is the tool for easily managing media files
  • Support for many world languages and UTF-8 encoding
  • Banner Management
  • Contact Manager
  • Providing link resources
  • News feed Management
  • Menu Manager
  • Templates
  • #1 Free Bulletin Board Software
  • Free templates available

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  • Content Manager System
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  • Blogging
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  • Support for many world languages
  • Analysis, Tracking and Statistics
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Discussion forums
  • Templates


WordPress Websites Web Hosting and Email Complete Custom Website
Includes:WordPress Website Builder

  • 1 Month Web Hosting
  • 1 Year Domain
  • Name Installed & Configured

All you need to do is start adding pages of content and images.


  • 1 Year Domain Name
  • Unlimited Email Accounts

  • 1 Year Domain Name
  • Installed & Configured
  • Custom Content Manager
  • Custom Graphics Design



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Personal Website Business Website E-Commerce – Shopping Cart
  • Website Design by your dedicated website builder
  • Publishing your site so it’s live on the web
  • Email account creation
  • Training and Consultation (time varies)
  • Manual Search Engine Submission
  • Manual SEO and Optimization
  • 1 year registration of domain name
  • Website Design by a dedicated website builder
  • Customized Content Manager (CMS)
  • Publishing your site so it’s live on the web
  • Email account creation
  • Training and Consultation (time varies)
  • Manual Search Engine Submission
  • Manual SEO and Optimization
  • 1 year registration of domain name
  • Website Design by your dedicated website builder
  • E-Commerce web store software and license
  • Setup and configure all the shipping and taxes you select
  • Setup payment gateways
  • Publishing your site so it’s live on the web
  • Email account creation
  • Training and Consultation (time varies)
  • Manual Search Engine Submission
  • Manual SEO and Optimization
  • 1 year registration of domain name
Basic & Personal Websites Small & Medium Business Websites Small – Medium – Large Business Websites