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X-Graphix Website Design and Organic Search Engine Optimization is an American, family owned and operated website design company, located in Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. Our Website Designers will work with you, through the building process to assure that we are building and designing what you vision, what you need and what you have paid for.

Hand ShakeTo possess the ability to offer affordable website design and online shopping cart systems, we build our websites and e-commerce web stores with shopping cart software, direct from the comfort of our homes. This allows us to keep our expenses low, therefore the ability to pass those savings on to our potential customers and clients. We have been building, designing and optimizing web compliant websites, e-commerce stores, online web businesses, informational websites and shopping cart systems for nearly 17 years. We also help many of our clients, start an online based business or online store, in which most go on to build a successful income for their self and their family.

Always Working For YouAfter building the site, we also provide technical support on how to operate the new system and its functionality. If you don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed! We don’t just build the website and turn it over and wish you luck. That would be like selling you a vehicle with manual shift, if you have never driven one. No matter where your at … Dayton, Cincinnati or Columbus Ohio, we will come to you to sit down with you.

After the build, we walk you through each step that the system offers, as far as functionality. We show you how to add, edit and delete product, update the homepage with new content, adjust shipping prices, offer wholesale pricing and so much more! We will continue to work with you until you are comfortable and are ready to go off on your own. If you do not already have a supplier for your product, we will assist you in finding your first supplier, setting up an account and locking in your profit margins to maximize your profit and income.

We are not going to bore you with what we like to call “geek” talk … but we are able to offer anything you can imagine, when it comes to the World Wide Web. There is nothing that the large corporate companies can offer you, that we can’t provide you. There is one difference though … with X Graphix … you won’t be taken to the bank. After your initial payment to us … you won’t need to continue to shell out money. There may be mods, skins or add-ons that will need to be purchased, but only if it is something you wish to add to your website or if you decide to have further services provided to better your business website launch.

X Graphix believes it is important to have all of our clients in touch with us, at all times, through the build process. We even make home visits to Dayton, Springboro, Springfield, West Chester, Centerville, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio to discuss your options, where you want to go with your website, web store or online business. After gaining your input … we then provide our knowledgeable experiences and first hand knowledge of what you can expect, timelines, and provide information about the road ahead.