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Changing DNS

Changing DNS


If you’re switching a domain to GetStacked Hosting & Email Solutions account , contact your domain name registrar to request a name server modification. This process allows your domain to point to your new GetStacked Hosting & Email Solutions website and Business Mail accounts. You’ll need to provide the following information:


Please email or login and change the DNS settings. some cases you wiill need to phone in to tell your registrar the following:

  • Primary Name Server: NS1.GETSTACKED.COM
  • Primary IP Address:
  • Secondary Name Server: NS2.GETSTACKED.COM
  • Secondary IP Address:


  • If you don’t know your registrar, look it up via the whois directory.
  • Please note that only the domain name owner can request this change. Because we cannot handle this process for you, it’s very important that you contact your registrar promptly and then follow up to make sure your registrar takes action.
  • This is not a registrar transfer. Your domain name registration will remain with your registrar and you’ll still be responsible for any fees associated with that registration.
  • As soon as the domain name server modification process is complete (usally with in 12-24 hours), you’ll be able to view your website on our servers.