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Website Financing

Website Financing

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Are you in need of a website, whether it be a personal website or a business website, but need website financing? No problem … X-Graphix Website Builder is able to finance your website for you. No need to obtain loans for a website, no need to borrow money and there’s no need to sell something to be able to afford a nice, professional website.

What we can do for you is provide financing for any type website needed. Our website financing interest is low and is determined on your down payment. The greater your down payment, the lower your interest rate. That’s it! It is as simple as that. Our website financing interest starts out at 15% interest. The way we determine your interest rate is simple.


Lets say your down payment is half down … the from 15% we would cut the interest rate in half. That’s it … no hidden fee’s or gimmicks … no small print … it’s really that easy. So whatever percentage of down payment you put down, is the percentage we cut off the interest starting at 15%.