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Search Engine Optimization

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We specialize in Organic Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your website or e-commerce web store. Our services are purely organic, as we do not believe in any “Pay-Per-Clicks”. Sure … they do get you to the top of the search results, but only if you continue to pay. Our organic SEO is not a one time hit on your website … but an action we continue to conduct over a long period of time.

Many times … when your building your website … you will receive phone calls from companies telling you they can get you to the top of the search engine’s search results. They will promise you top result … but want you to pay them a monthly fee or want a large amount of money to do it. I always ask them … how can you guarantee such results? They will then tell you they are partners with the search engines, therefore they have an inside track on getting you to the top.

The fact is … these companies don’t own the search engine … they can’t guarantee your search results. Most of them require you to pay for the pay-per-clicks … then tell you they have you at the top. WOW … you could have done that yourself. Difference is … now your paying someone to pay the search engine … so your getting hammered twice for a single result.

By rights … we can never guarantee you a certain spot on the search results … no one can. But, all of the website’s and web store’s we have built, are number one for what they want to be found for. We provide monthly status reports of your progress, by request. Our SEO program isn’t something that we knockout in one day. Instead, we work on your site for about 30 days. All of our practices are web compliant and we won’t do anything to get your website blacklisted.

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Basic Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

  • Text – Text on your pages is more important than any other addition to the page. Search Engines are only interested in what you have to offer the searcher. When a person enters a search term into the search engine … the search engine wants to be able to return a response that has the most clear, informed and relevant information to that search.
  • Search Terms – Think about the terms that a searcher will punch into the search engine. Add those terms to your website.
  • User Generated Comments – Whenever you can have searchers leave a review on your website or web store … they will be your voice! It is exactly like “word of mouth” … basically, you will allow your visitors, clients and customers tell others about their experience with your website or services.
  • Social Networking – Nowadays, millions of people use social networking sites. Use them to your advantage. If people are going on those social sites to meet other people or keep up to date with friends and family, then we can also use them to promote our websites, services or products.
  • Blogs – Building a blog keeps searchers coming back. If you catch their interest, then the reader will want to come back … they will need to come back!
  • System Updates – The times are always moving forward. With this movement, new technics and new programs are being used to access your administrative information. Yes … I am talking about hackers! With system updates, you can protect yourself from unwanted attacks on your database. Not only does the updates protect against security infringements, but it helps the SEO side of things. With these new systems that are available … the systems are becoming more SEO driven. They are being built to help the owner move up the SEO ladder … they are implementing certain tools to promote your website and help your website to be more easily found in the search return.
  • Friendly URL’s – When your website’s url contains the keywords in which you want to be found for, then you have a better chance of the search engines promoting your website. When the first thing you can offer that search engine is a URL with those particular keywords, then that will tell them that the page being offered up, will contain the information that the searcher is looking for. But remember … it is only a first impression! Once the search engine gets to the content part of the page, it must be relevant, clear, clean and complete.
  • Branding – Ask yourself … “why should someone choose my website or my product over the competition?”. What is it about your website, product or services that makes you any better than the millions of others out there, that offer the same thing … what sets you apart? Tell them about it! Tell them why yours is better, bigger, more important.
  • Original Content – There are no points given for copied material. Plus … why would a search engine care to offer your website up to a searcher over the website that already has the same material your producing … and … that website was first with that information. Which will bring me to my next tip! Be sure to produce your own material. I call it “keeping the search engines hungry”. If you produce material that isn’t anywhere else, then the search engines will want to have it. You will make them want to pickup your material and index it into their system. They want to be the first to offer up that material to a searcher. Plus … it is illegal to copy someone else’s content. That, and you don’t want to look like a schmo, a cheater, an ass!
  • Be First – Being the first to offer important content is everything. Think of it from a news reporter point of view. The reporter that breaks the story is the one that is most likely to be promoted. Do you want your website to be promoted? Of course you do … so be the first, with the important information your wanting to be found first, in the search results.
  • Google Maps – I normally don’t promote any one search engine. But if you look at a search return in Google … Google normally has several companies listed first, while showing an interactive map on the right hand side of the page. Why not use their placement of that map to get a top position on the search return.
  • Meta Data – This is very crucial area of your website. Putting together your meta data correctly, is very important for getting ranked in the search engines as well as portraying your website for what it is. It is very easy to see when a site owner has gotten into the meta data and added their own keywords or adjusted the meta description or even messed with the meta title of the site. To a competent web developer, it is very easy to see where things have gone wrong, when it comes to the meta data. Either the site owner, who is untrained, has changed things or the site owner has hired someone posing as a web developer who know nothing about meta data. There are certain things that the search engines are looking for. From how many keywords are represented, to a property written title and even a properly produced meta description. Hire an SEO specialist! Don’t attempt putting the meta data together on your own. I would tend to stay clear of large companies for SEO services. I would also stay away from those who charge monthly fees or want to get you involved with “Pay Per Crap”.


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