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Organic SEO

Organic SEO


Deciding to hire a professional SEO “search engine optimizer”?

The general idea is to improve your websites ranking in search engines … not hurt it, but that’s exactly what people and some irresponsible SEO’s do by not providing real organic search engine optimization. We have been doing this for over 10 years and though we do not guarantee our results, we will give you the best advise and changes to your site that are approved SEO efforts. Did he just say he doesn’t guarantee results … sure did … and anyone who does guarantee results should be immediately discarded!

SEO guarantees are a complete misrepresentation of service for several reasons but primarily because there is NO WAY TO GUARANTEE results for a company’s action that you don’t own, control or influence.


Search Engine LogosWhat we want to do is:

  • Help you select some keywords that you could rank high with.
  • Help you with re-directs and cleaning up old outdated web pages.
  • Help you develop unique and relative content.
  • Review of your site content and structure.
  • Offer some marketing tools to more effectively drive traffic to your website.
  • Help with selecting keywords and Much More!

We completely believe in organic search results meaning that free is better than paid results, but sometimes it is required that you spend some money on marketing in search engines to kick start your business, if your website has been online for more than a year we would encourage you to look at the overall structure and make changes that can and do significantly improve your search engine ranking.

Search engines are actually simple in the way they crawl a site, for example they all look for several things on a website to provide relevant results to a person searching for “keywords” or “keyword phrases”. Search engines want to be able to crawl your website for an index of all the words it sees and placement on a page. So one of the things we do to help them do that for you, is to analyze and correct the way that information is seen on your website with key content meta data and other content attributes. Also, if your website was designed with rich media files or dynamic pages that will present other challenges to get indexed, then we will fix those issues since search engines are unable to read those.

We have always suggested the best time to think about SEO, is in the beginning of a website. design or re-design, but that’s not always an option, that said its not impossible to improve but adds to the challenge and may require some of the web pages to be re-done for better indexing.

While we do the best to improve our customers website placement in search engines, we will not resort to aggressive behavior or attempt to manipulate search engines that violate their guidelines. We care enough about our customers to not jeopardize their website at the cost of a fast buck!

Don’t be fooled by guaranteed results for SEO services. We have seen many of those deceptions and it makes it hard for honest companies to compete with the tricks those companies will use to get your money.


AVOID these tricks …Search Results Scale

  • Link popularity schemes
  • Submitting your site to thousands of search engines.
  • Aggressive SEO companies with bad behavior.
  • SEO’s who promise to rank you highly in search engines, but place you in the advertising section rather than in the search results
  • “Shadow” domains that funnel users to a site by using deceptive redirects
  • “Doorway” pages loaded with keywords on the client’s site somewhere.





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In-Depth Website Scan

Website & SEO Analysis

Website & SEO Recommendations

Website Scan Website Analysis SEO Recommendations
We will run an audit of your website to see exactly where you are ranking in the 3 top major search engines for up to 20 keyphrases, in which you are wanting to be found for. X-Graphix will analyze the results of our in-depth scan and once we are able to see your exact position in the search engine results, we will determine who your main competitors are, what they are doing, what they aren’t doing and provide a plan on how to get your website ahead of your main competition. Once we find where you are, we will be able to put together a plan to show you where your website is able to be, what we have to do to get you ahead of the competition, and provide results that your able to see, paying off.Anyone can talk a good game … we like to show you that we can push your website to the head of the class, alot faster than most others, with real web compliant and search engine compliant action!