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SEO Guarantee

Search Engine Optimization Limited Guarantee

The following are the terms under which (hereinafter called X-Graphix) will provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to the individual or entity reading these terms (hereinafter referred to as Customer). The laws of the State of Arizona govern delivery of the service and the terms below. X-Graphix reserves the right to reject any project at X-Graphix sole discretion for, but not limited to, anything of a hateful, racist or illegal nature.
Product(s) offered :
Site promotion – 15 Top-100 placements, which may occur among any combination of keywords and the major search engines to which we submit, for a period of 6 months.

  • Search EnginesX-Graphix will run monthly reports for all Customer’s websites during each month (by request). Customer will be sent a copy of the monthly report via email.
  • Each SEO plan includes up to 2 hours of research and correspondence with the client for the keyword consultation.
  • Up to 1 hours of additional consulting time is available per month under each plan.
  • Additional consulting is available at out regular rate of $35 per hour or any portion of an hour.
  • At least 80% of the keywords should be two or more word phrases.
  • X-Graphix cannot guarantee rankings in all engines with every keyword.
  • Customer will provide X-Graphix with a list of Keywords, indicating which are Customers most valuable keywords, but will not guarantee any specific keywords.
  • Some search engines are case sensitive. Ex: “WORD”, “Word” and “word” could be considered 3 different keywords in some engines. Plurals of keywords are also used, and they too count as separate keywords when found in the top 100.
  • Combination of keywords that Customer submits and keywords our Search Engine Specialists may suggest or recommend will make up your keyword list. Client must approve the final Keyword list.
  • Any approved keyword or keyword phrase combination (plural, or capitalized) that are a top 100 placement on any major search engines to which we submit will be considered a placement countable towards the fulfillment of the guarantee. i.e.: keyword. Keywords, Keyword, keywords, KEYWORD would count for 5 top 100 placements.
  • X-Graphix, at its discretion, in an effort to improve the Customers rankings, may introduce relevant keyword or keyword phrases to the domain name. These additional keywords will be approved by the Customer in advance and will be at no additional charge to the Customer. The successful rankings of these additional keywords along with the original set of keywords will count towards the guarantee.
Guarantee:’s guarantee is to provide the Customer with SEO services for as long as it takes to achieve 6 “Qualifying months” of service. A “Qualifying month” is defined as a month in which our monthly ranking reports show that you have 15 or more rankings in the Top-100, Qualify months may or may not be consecutive months.

Customer are entering into a six (6) month agreement / contract with X-Graphix and if they wish to terminate the contract prior to six (6) months, for any reason, The Customer is not entitled to a refund on any monies collected.
Collaboration and competition:

Customer or any of their agents MUST NOT be working with any other SEO company during the time they work with X-Graphix Should Customer not comply with this term, X-Graphix will not be held responsible for any results or consequences.
X-Graphix will not commence services until payment is received from Customer.
Payment: Renewal
After the 6 Qualifying months, X-Graphix Customer Service department will contact the Customer to discuss renewal of SEO services. The Customer may select to renew for an additional 6 or 12 month term, or to continue service on a month-to-month basis, or may choose to discontinue the service at that time.
Payment: General terms
For any payment not received within 10 days of due date, Customer will be charged a late fee of $75.00; Customer will be placed on hold and all optimization services will cease until Customer has paid all monies due. Payments not received within 45 days, will be placed in Collections, and Customer will be liable for the full amount, plus up to 25% of your initial order in late fees. Should legal action be required to collect funds from Customer, Customer is responsible for all legal fees incurred by X-Graphix Customer agrees they will not process a charge back against X-Graphix (charges appear on Customer’s statement as X-Graphix& Associates). In the event of a payment dispute, Customer agrees to contact X-Graphix directly to find a fair resolution to the situation. X-Graphix will dispute any charge backs that are processed by the Customer, in the event of a disagreement with X-Graphix compliance of this agreement, and a fee may be charged to the Customer, as applicable by law.The various pages and techniques used by X-Graphix are the intellectual property of X-Graphix The various pages that are created and provided by X-Graphix are licensed to Customer under the terms of this contract for the duration of the specified plan. In the event of non-payment, Customer agrees to remove all Meta tags and pages created by X-Graphix within three business days of receipt of written request to do so. If the meta tags and pages are not removed within three business days then Customer agrees to pay $200 per day until they are removed. Upon completion of the agreement, with both parties having fulfilled their obligations, X-Graphix grants a license to Customer to use these pages and techniques on the site specified in the agreement. However they may not be modified, copied, reused on any other site or otherwise distributed without written authorization from X-Graphix
Should the customer have any pre-existing top-100 rankings with the keywords used in the service, such rankings will count towards the achievement of a “Qualifying month” and considered to be maintained by the efforts of X-Graphix
Monthly reports are run for all Customers randomly during the month usually in the first 10 days of the month, that this report is a “snapshot” of how your site ranks with the search engines, and that rankings may change on a daily basis, not unlike the stock market.
Traffic to Website:
Customer understands and agrees that X-Graphix makes absolutely no guarantee, prediction, or representation of the actual quantity of traffic, leads, sales, or profits that Customer will receive as a result of this service.
Search Engines:
The list of search engines we are currently using are: Alltheweb,AltaVista, Google, MSN, Yahoo! , Lycos, Iwon, Fast/AllTheWeb, Direct Hit, LookSmart engine, AOL Websites, Overture/Excite, FindWhat, Netscape,, Open Directory, ICQSearch, AskJeeves.As the major search engines change so will our efforts to adjust the makeup of our search engine list to match the then current situations. X-Graphix reserves the right, without prior notice, to modify the list of search engines at any time, based on changes in the industry. The list of current search engines will be maintained on X-Graphix.
Website Changes:
  1. Customer is responsible for notifying X-Graphix of any change in contact information and or credit card information, including but not limited to: Mailing address, Phone numbers, Fax numbers, Email address and credit card expiry date.
  2. Customer must own or have control of the domain name specified in the agreement; that only root domains ( and NOT, as an example) will be optimized by X-Graphix and that SEO services and techniques provided can not be copied, used or moved to any domain name, or otherwise distributed.
  3. Customer will be charged for any keyword changes as a new agreement any time after original keyword approval has been received.
    1. $220 to change up to 5 keywords/phrases.
    2. $400 to change up to 10 keywords/phrases.
    3. full price to change all 15 keywords/phrases
  4. X-Graphix reserves the right to make certain requests of the Customer that are in the best interests of the Customer achieving improved rankings. Such requests include, and are not limited to: removing or modifying frames within web pages, adding additional relevant text and other content to the Customer’s WebsiteIf Customer chooses to ignore or not implement the recommended changes, X-Graphix cannot be held to the guarantee. Client further understands and agrees that if they wish X-Graphix to proceed with site submission before all recommended SEO changes are made, or before all web pages are complete, the above guarantee will be null and void. In each case, X-Graphix will advise the Customer either verbally or by email of situations that invalidate the guarantee.
  5. X-Graphix agrees to review and optimize existing web pages and use current acceptable techniques to promote the designated domain name to the search engines; and continue to provide these services until 6 qualifying months have been achieved. The term of this agreement is the duration of time needed to achieve 6 qualifying months.
  6. X-Graphix will modify content and create Meta tags for the Customer’s domain, which are designed for the specific search engines and Customer’s specific keyword. Customer has the option to upload the Meta tags and content pages themselves, have Customer’s webmaster upload them, or grant X-Graphix access to Customer’s Website to upload tags and pages to Customer’s domain. Customer agrees and understands that failure to properly upload any Meta tags, promotional pages, or other optimizations within 7 days of receiving this data; or failure to provide X-Graphix with access to the Customer’s Website, for such upload, within 7 days, will hinder X-Graphix ability to perform in a timely manner, and thus will render the guarantee null and void.
  7. Customer may not make any modifications to any pages created by X-Graphix without the prior written authorization from X-Graphix If Customer makes any unauthorized changes to any pages or makes any other effort to disrupt the results of the service provided by X-Graphix, then X-Graphix may cancel the agreement without obligation to return any monies paid by Customer.
  8. In no event will X-Graphix be liable to the Customer or any third party for any direct indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, any lost sales or profits, lost savings or additional costs arising out of the service, even if X-Graphix has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  9. X-Graphix will not be held responsible for lost rankings after service is discontinued.
  10. In the event that Customer’s Website is redesigned and Customer wishes to have doorway pages and meta tags redeveloped to match new design, Customer will be charged as a new agreement to regenerate the new pages and Meta tags and submit them to the search engines. X-Graphix does not store Meta tags, doorway pages or site pages on our computers or in our systems.
  11. Should these pages and/or tags be lost, Customer is responsible for reloading them or having X-Graphix reload them for a fee of $250.00.

Customer understands and agrees that cannot guarantee rankings for any specific keyword or on any specific search engine.

If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not effect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. Pressing the submit button on our online order form indicates Customers acceptance of our terms as stated above and further indicates an awareness and acceptance of our services being performed on Customers behalf, in exchange for fees as outlined.