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Google Ads

Google Ads

Below are some of the common ad sizes by Google, that can be placed on your site. Contact Primeaus Website Design and Organic Search Engine Optimization today, to have your site setup for Google Ads, and make some extra money from Google Adsense. Get paid direct from Google.   Google AdSense – offers a way to manage website costs with extra income from your traffic.

  • By advertising other services on your webpage , you can easily recover your advertising and hosting costs.
  • How it works is really simple, you place Google AdSense ads on your site and for every ad clicked, you receive money
  • Google Adsense in short offers some very helpful tools to also help manage your ad placement and revenue thats generated from it.
  • Google uses its advanced, proprietary technology and algorithms to determine the content of each of your site’s Web pages. It then delivers ads that are contextually relevant to your audience.


  • Easy (and free) to join and implement
  • Continues stream of advertisers for your site.
  • Ads are relevant and on topic for your web page.
  • Large selection of ad sizes
  • Just to mention some of the benefits …

Google Ad Sizes

120 x 240
125 x 125
160 x 600
120 x 600
336 x 280
180 x 150
468 x 60

250 x 250
234 x 60
300 x 250 – Inline Rectangle
Real Google Ad
Leader Board 728 x 90


How to Add Google AdSense Ads to Your Website

Below, is a bit of information that may assist you in setting up Google Ads on your website, webpage or blog. The ads that Google places on your website can help you bring in anywhere from a few bucks to thousands of dollars, each month. Remember, never click on your own Google Adsense Ad … as you will be penalized, even disqualified from using Google Adsense in the future. Play honest, and reap the benefits!


What is Google AdSense?
Adsense is Google’s advertising network that places sponsored ads you see on many websites. The sponsored ads are generated by Google and come from companies who are paying Google for advertising. Businesses will sign up for Pay-Per-Clicks, which is another service provided by Google. Businesses then tell Google how much they will pay, to have their preferred keywords show up on other websites throughout the web, to assist their business, website or blog in being found.

These ads are normally placed along the right side or at the top of a website that allows Google to place Adsense Ads. Google automatically checks the web page it places the ads on and displays advertisements that are relevant to the page. This produces highly targeted advertisements for the page, allowing higher returns for the person or business that is advertising … the advertising network, which is Google and the publisher, which would be you!


Before Starting Google Adsense
You must have an existing website before you apply to the Google AdSense advertising program. If you don’t already have a website or blog … you should first contact a website developer or webmaster to discuss having a website, online store or blog built for you or your business. The Google AdSense team will review your website before accepting new applications … so you must first put up an active website … not just an “under construction” webpage. For example, if you’re starting an online forum, you add a few topics, so that Google has a subject for posting specific ads.


Steps to Getting Google AdSense Ads on Your Site
Before you can do anything … you need to open a Google Adsense account. This is very simple and should only take a few minutes. To open your Google Adsense account … simply go to the Google Adsense Sign-up Page.


Apply for a Google Adsense Account

When your site is up and running, go to Google Adsense Sign-up Page. There, you will apply for the ability to have Google place advertisements on your website.
Once you have applied for an account, Google will send a verification e-mail to the email address you listed in your Google Adsense application, to verify that you entered your email address correctly.

Once you have received that verification email from Google … follow the instructions Google provided. Normally, they will attach a link in that email, which will take you into your new Google Adsense account. After you click on the link, the completed application will be sent to Google AdSense. Someone should then, visit your website to review it and verify that your website is able to accept the ads and layout, in which Google applies to all websites.

Be patient, as it may take a few days for Google to visit your website and verify everything. Until then, feel free to continue work on your website, blog or forum. Add product to your site or other content, as well as new pages.


Configure the Google Ad Layout to best fit your Website

After your new Google Adsense account has been approved, you will be able to log into your Adsense account, to select the correct HTML code, in which you will copy and paste the Adsense code provided, into your website, forum or blog. To find the HTML code that will place the ads on your website, simply click on the “AdSense Setup” tab.

There are a few different options available to you … but the code for the context-sensitive advertisements can be found by clicking on the “AdSense for Content” link, once you have logged into your Google Adsense account. You’ll be able to customize the layout and appearance of the ads and choose between simple text advertisements … ads with text and images or if you want to have both, you can simply choose to have ads with text and images together. After you select the preferred configuration that best fits your website, you will see the HTML code which you can cut and paste into your site, located below the configuration options.

Other than the context-sensitive ads, there is another type of advertising. “AdSense for Search” provides you with a Google search box that you can place anywhere on your website. When your visitors conduct a search through that search engine type search box, and click an advertisement provided in the search results, it will be as though they had just clicked on an ad, placed on your website. “Referrals” or searches conducted through that well placed search box, provide you with ads for specific products.


Adding Google AdSense Code to your Website, Forum or Blog

Make sure that when you insert the code into your site, you insert it as HTML.
If your placing the Google Adsense onto your website, it might be a good idea to enter the code your website’s template, so that you don’t have to paste the code onto every product page.


Entering Your PIN into the Google Site

Once your earnings reach $10.00 for the first time after the creation of your Google Adsense account … Google will send you a postcard by USPS mail, with a CAPTCHA like code printed on it. You will need to log into your AdSense account and enter this printed code and your PIN, before they will be able to send you any of your earned payments. Once you have reached the $10.00 mark, It could take a few weeks for you to receive the postcard, depending on where you live. Once you have received this postcard and entered all of the requested information, you shouldn’t ever have to conduct this type of security check again.



Never Click Your Own Google Ads

One of the things you must always remember is never click your own Google ads, even if it is to find out whether the site linked to is acceptable for your website’s audience. Since (at this time) Google pays AdSense for Content ads according to the number of clicks, clicking your own ads is regarded as fraud, and will, at the very least, get you kicked out of the AdSense program.

Although Google doesn’t say this, if you are showing off your blog or website to your family members, make sure they do not click any of your advertisements either. This is the case even if they are genuinely interested in the products advertised. They can always look for it by name in a search engine later if they wish, but for anyone living in your own household, any Google advert on your site is strictly off limits. The reason for this is that clicks from your household will look exactly like clicks from you.


Don’t Put Ads if You’re Selling Something

You should never use the Google Adsense service if you are running an online store or a web store with a shopping cart system. You should never use the Adsense service if you are offering a product! If you read below, you will find a couple reasons to why this is not a good idea, if your wanting to make money with your product.

By utilizing the Google Adsense service … you may be advertising the same product, for the competition. Google decides what ads are going to show up on your web store and if your product triggers certain keywords that Google wants to use in their ads that they are placing on your site, then the ads they are placing could be for product you are selling, but have a link to one of your competitors.

Rather than having ads placed all over your store to distract your visiting customers, it would be better to have them focus on your product so that you make the sale and earn a new customer or client, rather than having that potential client or customer concentrating on the ads, which will take them to someone else’s website or web store.


To Be Successful … Build Your Website Traffic

  • The more traffic you have to your website, the more chances you have of Adsense Ads, being clicked. There is only a very small percentage of visitors to your website, that will actually click on ads. Normally, when someone visits a website, they are there for very specific reasons, looking for something they already have in mind. The ad placed by Google has to be very persuasive, to have that visitor clicking on it.
  • The more traffic you have, the more chances you have of making money. Normally, it should be quality over quantity … but in this case, we need to get that click through rate up, which means the more visitors, the more clicks. So, Quantity is key. You should of course, still have quality with anything you are offering … but quantity gets you paid!