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Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Normally, you would find yourself a building, try to find suppliers that give you more than just a 10% courtesy discount, stock your shelves with thousands of dollars in product, and hope that people find your store or learn about your business, before you aren’t making enough money to keep it open. Not only do you have to throw thousands of dollars in to supplies, but you have building rent, an electric bill to pay, along with gas … not to mention the thousands in signage you have to produce. So before you have sold a single item … you are in debt thousands of dollars.

We have simplified business for you. You can now open and run your own web store for a mere fraction of the cost of opening a brick and mortar store. Also … we want you to think about this as well. Lets say you live in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton’s population, including the outlying suburbs is roughly 166,000 people. So … you have around 166,000 potential customers. But … when you start your own online eCommerce web business … you have a greater potential customer base.

Web Store Shopping CartThere are roughly 7 billion people in the world. It is a proven fact that nearly 30% of the worlds population has some form of internet access. This is about 2,100,000,000 … that’s right … over 2 Billion! That means you go from 166,000 potential customers to over 2 billion potential customers. So what’s to say those 2 billion want your product? Well, in reality no one can say that all 2 billion want your product … but the chances are … no matter what you offer … there are millions of people who probably do need or want what your offering.

We are going to say something right now, that may seem far fetched and is up for argument. But, You cannot fail with an online business. How can we so boldly make such a claim? We have found, that with all the business we have helped create for our clients, that everyone has been successful. There is someone out there that needs or wants what you have. The only way you could fail, is to not put the work in, that is needed to build your online business. To build a website and let it sit, won’t get you anywhere. You do have to work on it … you do have to put the time into building your online business, just as you would with a regular store … and you do have to have the drive and passion that goes into building a successful online business.

We are different than most webmaster’s or companies that work in the eCommerce field. We don’t just build you a web store and split. We actually stand with you through the process of building your online business. Not only do we build your eCommerce online web store … but we help you find suppliers, help you with credit card processing setup, offer 256 bit encrypted hosting on an Apache server … which is one of the most secure servers in the world … we help you learn the shopping cart system and offer free tech support by video conferencing or over the phone. We also setup your email accounts, along with assisting you in setting up your email system on your computer. We want to know, that we have done everything to make your online business successful!

All of our pricing is conducted, once we know exactly what your needing. We do offer pricing for those needing a basic informational website built. But as you may know … many times, once you have a website built, you may want to add onto the site. Whether it be adding a store to your site, a blog, forum or a choice of many other options available in the web world. We Makes Web Sites Affordable to Small Businesses.

We help you to make your site more professional.

We help you become a competitor in your field of industry. Just by adding a website or web store and becoming a valid figure in the e-commerce world, can raise your presence in the field your in, as well as build profits.

Having an outdated website or web store is doing nothing for your business. Most outdated sites have been put together by multiple web designers, with their own opinion on what works for you. Having a correctly built website is crucial for becoming a competitor in your industry.


Benefits of working with X-Graphix What we do for you and your Online Business
  • Step by Step Instruction
  • Assistance in setting up your Online Business
  • We teach you how to run your carting system
  • Free Technical Support
  • Face to Face Video Instruction
  • Priced by job, No Hourly Rate
  • Late night contact
  • Assist in finding Suppliers
  • Credit Card Processing Setup Assistance
  • Free Shopping Cart Instruction
  • Search Engine Optimization Included
  • Social Networking Site Setup and Configuration
  • Build Landing Pages
  • Security Certificate Setup
  • Product Promotion
  • E-Mail Setup
  • Building Logo’s


Our Organic Search Engine Optimization or SEO is unmatched by other businesses or web professional. We know that we do not have all the answers for getting you ranked … but we have been very successful at it. Having web compliant META data in place is a must, if you wish to be found. We are able to produce results for your website or web business, that will surely generate more traffic, intern more profits than what your currently making. We can also provide you with monthly reports on your search engine ranking, keywords searched, and tell you how people are finding you.

Here at X Graphix we want to be your one stop shop for Web Services, site Hosting, Website Design and search engine optimizing. We don’t use any dirty tricks to design your website for search engines, we completely comply with all the search engine TOS requirements and make sure that your website does too, your name and website are at stake!!

We offer all of the options and services of the large design and hosting companies for a much more affordable price, and hope you’ll take a moment to look at our portfolio and visit some of the websites on our client list.

Ask us how fast we can have a website up for you using “WordPress”, With our automatic install process we can have WordPress on your server or ours in just a few minutes. WordPress offers some advantages a static website just can’t compete with, such as …

  • Being easy and fast to install. WordPress is easy to maintain, it includes an excellent CMS (Content Management System), making it easy for you to upload your content and images.The selling feature is that is supposed to be easy to learn, but as with anything new, there are learning curves and not all the settings are intuitive.
  • Easy to customizable with a growing number of widgets and templates, most that are free and can be initiated rather quickly.
  • More flexible than a traditional web site, such as adding a blog or RSS feeds.
  • Search-engine friendly for getting you ranked in the search terms you want to be found for.


With those features its easy to see why WordPress websites are growing in popularity, We offer a complete website solution for just $750, that includes domain name, and FREE hosting.



  • Web Store Setup & Configuration
  • Logo Design
  • Credit Card Setup – Site End
  • Shipping Cost Automation – Site End
  • SSL Certificate / Secure Checkout
  • State Tax Automation Configuration
  • System Operation Instructions
  • Live Video / Phone Support – 5 Hours
  • Supplier Locating Assistance
  • Initial Search Engine Optimization
  • 1 Year Domain Registration
  • Email Setup – Site End & Your PC
  • Website Publication
  • 1 Month Free Hosting
  • Static IP Hosting / 14.99 monthly
  • Monthly Statistic Updates

NOTE: A one time payment would allow you to retain complete ownership of the online store / business. With either of the monthly payment options, X-Graphix would retain ownership of any and all licenses until the balance owed, is paid in full. Once paid in full, complete ownership would be turned over to our client without hesitation. A Monthly payment receipt would be provided for each payment, until paid in full. We offer a 3 day grace period on all payments and any payment made after the 72 hour grace period would be charged a $50.00 late fee.

If payment is not made within 7 days, all payments and ownership of the web store as well as any and all licenses would permanently belong to X-Graphix and no refunds would be provided, due to the amount of work X-Graphix would have involved in your project. We would then dispose of the project as we wish. Of course we would never want you to lose your business and would work with you if exigent circumstances were involved.