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Personal Websites

If you need a professional new website, but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, X-Graphix Starter Website package is just what you need. You can choose from hundreds of professional and elegant templates, we’ll get your new site up and running fast and at a minimal cost. Best of all, our expert designers will design your site and keep it up-to-date with monthly content changes, search engine optimization, and keyword optimization.

  • Designed to match your business
  • Custom Header
  • Up to 5 Pages *
  • 3 hours of monthly updates **
  • Search Engine Submission
  • SEO Optimization and Maintenance
  • Domain & Web Hosting **
  • 2 GB Storage
  • Unlimited email accounts

No need to hold off on creating your new Website when X-Graphix Starter Website package makes it quick, and affordable to get started.


Website Options

  • Website Design by your dedicated designer
  • Publishing your site so it’s live on the web
  • Email account creation
  • Training and Consultation (time varies)
  • Manual Search Engine Submission
  • Manual SEO and Optimization (monthly progress report)
  • 1 year registration of domain name
  • 3 hours a month of maintenance & updates.
  • $9.95 per month hosting.



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Have a website built for many reasons. Here are a few of those occasions we have built for in the past.


Find or Locate People

  • If you are trying to locate someone from your past, such as friends or family … having a website built can truly raise your chances of locating or getting in touch with that special someone. Let’s face it … most people are on the Internet nowadays and many people have done searches on their self, just to see what may be out there under their name. If you have a website built to find someone with that very specific domain name, chance are it is going to pop up on the search results. When that person sees that website, you may be able to reunite with them. Chances are very high!



  • Are you getting married or divorced … is your child having an Initiation Ceremony such as a Baptism, Bat Mitzvah, Akika, Confirmation, Coming of Age, D√©butante Ball or even something as special as someone’s first something! We build websites for any and all occasions.


Family Websites

  • X Graphix has built many family websites. These types of websites are fun for the entire family and can be edited by anyone in the family who wants to add, edit or delete things on the website. On a family website, we would have maybe a coat of arms for your main header graphic, then we can add a page for each family member and a main page for everyone. This is great for several reasons. You can post everyday things on the website or you can easily put together family reunions or even post personal announcements such as a first haircut, a teen getting their drivers license or even someone who gets to legally have their first alcohol beverage.



  • Maybe your having a sweet sixteen and you want to remember it for years to come … or maybe your having a graduation and you want to invite all your classmates to join your website so that everyone can keep in touch over the years … we can build it! The cool part is … once the website is built, you are able to add, edit or delete anything on the site … as well as anyone you give access to. All they need is a username and password. If you can get all your classmates to donate to the cause, then you can have your website built for as little as $20.00 dollars out of your own pocket.


Get The Word Out!

  • We all know of bad things and sometimes bad people in the world. What if you know someone or an organization that you want people to be aware of. A website is a perfect way to get the word out. X Graphix won’t build anything that stands a chance of hurting someone. We will not build bully websites. But you can still get the word out in a professional manner.


X Graphix Website Design and Organic SEO can build any type of website needed to get your important information out there for all to see. Pricing is very different from one site to the next. The pricing you see on our pricing chart is not the same for these types of sites. It could be a lot less or a lot more depending on your needs. Not matter your website needs, we will always treat your professionally, price you fair and build you one heck of a cool website to fit your needs. All graphics are custom and can be built to your specifications. Just let us know what your needing and we have you covered.