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Memorial Websites

Memorial Websites

Memorial Websites are perfect for those wanting to share information about someone or something. X-Graphix has built several memorial websites for families who may have lost a loved one, including family pets. But memorial websites don’t just include lost family members or friends. Some clients wish to share awesome experiences such as weddings, birthdays such as a sweet sixteen, an eighteenth birthday or a 21st birthday. Those dates are big steps in life and some want to capture those moments and share them with a few people or even the world.

With memorial websites, you can choose to capture a special date or certain, important situation such as the completion of your new home, the starting of your business, the adoption of a new baby or even buying a new car. We receive many requests for nearly everything!

Sometimes, a city or government agency wish to capture the moment of a significant or historical date, time, person or building. Whatever the situation … we are able to build any type of memorial website you wish to own.


Types of Memorial Websites:

  • Death or Birth
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • New Car
  • Sweet Sixteen or Sweet 16
  • Becoming an Adult or Eighteenth Birthday, Turning 18
  • Becoming of Age … or a 21st Birthday
  • Graduation Websites … Kindergarten, High School Graduation or College Graduation
  • Friends Websites
  • New Home
  • The Demolition of a Home or Building
  • Historical Buildings
  • Historical People
  • City Events
  • Government Events
  • Police or Law Enforcement Memorial Websites
  • Any Type of Memorial Website!!