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Personal Websites

Personal Website

Have your very own personal website built, to share your life or thoughts with the world or for a select few. You can decide, what to share and when to share. Do you just want to document your life and invite people to share your life’s journey? Have a personal website built and do whatever you want. X-Graphix will show you how to add, edit or delete content, add images, post and build your very own blog and so much more!

We will always try to secure the domain name of your choice to allow people to easily find your personal website. Personal websites are inexpensive and easy to maintain. We will work with you to get the design you want and the pages you need to meet your website requirements. We allow you to have as many pages as you need, as well as having email accounts to match your website. Hosting for a personal website is also inexpensive which will allow you to keep the site up as long as you wish.

Capture your life’s journey with a personal website and share it with the world. Many people who own their own websites, just do it for fun! Post content and images throughout your website, with the click of the keyboard and mouse. We will teach you how to operate your site and we are here when you need us, to teach you fun things to do with your very own personal website.

Contact us today, to setup your personal website! Connect your personal website with all the social networking sites, to help you get the word out about your new website. Allow anyone you want to your site as well as blocking those you don’t want to visit your website.